Eternal Dress

These are some other photos that were taken in Dubrovnik.

dress private/ red straw hat Goorin Bros./ sandals 3.1 Phillip Lim/ fresh water pearl earrings private

1. Peeking through the hole of the old city castle
2. Beautifully view of Dubrovnik
3. At one of the terraces on the castle
4. Walking through the castle
5. Neighborhoods 
6. Kitesurfing!!! Woohoo!!
7. The marble pavement shines under the sun. So beautiful!

Can you imagine that, the red floral dress that I am wearing was bought nearly ten years ago? I have been wearing this dress since I was in the secondary school and I am now still wearing it! I love the "wallpaper flower" dress so much that I have a lot of them among which quite a lot were designed by my mom! She is such a creator!

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