Oh The Shadow

camel hair polo coat Brooks Brothers/ cashmere scarf Salvatore Ferragamo/ red cotton pants Loro Piana/ wool felt hat Club Monaco/ booties Drudd

1. In the guest room of Mandarin Oriental, in London.
2. As above. 


Sunny Coldness

I have experienced the coldest Easter holidays in my life, in England. Literally the coldest... But the sunshine was so great!

blue dress Red Valentino/ coat MaxMara/ yellow leather handbag Salvatore Ferragamo/ pumps Salvatore Ferragamo/ earrings private

1. Walking on the meadows of Cliveden House
2. As above
3. At the terrace of Cliveden House
4. Walking on the meadows 
5. The Cliveden House in Berkshire, near London
6. On the stairs 
7. At the terrace
8. I especially love this one!


Number Sixteen

If you have read my post before, you might remember that I mentioned Crosby Street Hotel in Manhattan. 

This Hotel Number Sixteen, together with Crosby Street Hotel, belongs to Firmdale Hotels Group and because of the great experience with Crosby last time in NYC, we chose to live in Hotel Number Sixteen in London.

It has the similar contemporary feeling to Crosby, yet it is much smaller. Each room has a different design and we did like the one we stayed in.

It has been an extremely busy month for me and I feel so happy that I finally can squeeze some time to take care of this blog. 

1. Hotel guest room
2. As above
3. As above
4. The room we stayed in
5. Public area
6. Public area (I do like the color of the painting but I didn't really appreciate the moths...)
7. Public area


The Best Espadrille Ever

Loro Piana is a synonym for low-key luxury. Char has always been its loyal customer since his first purchase (in Rome maybe?). Anyway, not very long time ago, I found that Loro Piana really maintained a high level in their design in this season for 13 Spring and Summer- especially this pair of espadrille which is made of suede calfskin with rope wedge. I am a suede aficionado, and this dark bordeaux simply took my heart away...

Don't forget to Check out Loro Piana's official website, you will have a lot of fun!


Rainy Days in Cinque Terre

Char and I went to Cinque Terre for the weekend short time ago. The weather was horrible- it was raining constantly and we did not see even a little bit of sunshine. We intended to drive along the coastline, then we were told that part of the highway was blocked now because of the landslide... It was so unfortunate, so we first drove to Monterosso al Mare and parked our car there and went for train. However, Cinque Terre are still very enchanting, with their great sceneries and wonderful small restaurants.

black cashmere coat MaxMara Studio/ wool pleated skirt Brooks Brothers/ white sweater Massimo Dutti/ green scarf Longchamp/ tights via Anthropologie/ booties Drudd/ black leather belt J.Crew/ camera bag Billingham/ yellow leather handbag Nagatani/ sunglasses Chanel/ light pink fresh water pearl earrings private

1. Char and I were having lunch in a lovely small restaurant called Trattoria dal Billy in Manarola, Liguria. Look at all these dishes on the table! These are just the appetizers! Very fresh and tasty local sea food. 
2. On our way looking for the trattoria.
3. As above
4. On the morning in La Spezia, before we went to Cinque Terre. Yes, there were sunshine, but not in Cinque Terre...
5. As above
6. After our lunch in Manarola, Liguria.
7. As above.
8. As above.
9. In Riomaggiore, Liguria. It began to rain, so I changed my scarf as a headscarf.
10. As above.
11. Beautiful sea view in Riomaggiore. 
12. Art work is everywhere! In Manarola.
13. The beautiful Trattoria dal Billy!


A Drizzling Afternoon in Portofino

black leather lace up Jil Sander Navy/ black cashmere coat MaxMara Studio/ tights Calzadonia/ cashmere and silk scarf Loro Piana/ camera bag Bilingham

1. Wandering in Portofino
2. As above
3. As above
4. As above
5. The beautiful sea 
6. As above
7. Wandering around the port of Portofino after a late lunch
8. The port of Portofino, absolutely gorgeous
9. A glance at the castle in Portofino