Eternal Dress

These are some other photos that were taken in Dubrovnik.

dress private/ red straw hat Goorin Bros./ sandals 3.1 Phillip Lim/ fresh water pearl earrings private

1. Peeking through the hole of the old city castle
2. Beautifully view of Dubrovnik
3. At one of the terraces on the castle
4. Walking through the castle
5. Neighborhoods 
6. Kitesurfing!!! Woohoo!!
7. The marble pavement shines under the sun. So beautiful!

Can you imagine that, the red floral dress that I am wearing was bought nearly ten years ago? I have been wearing this dress since I was in the secondary school and I am now still wearing it! I love the "wallpaper flower" dress so much that I have a lot of them among which quite a lot were designed by my mom! She is such a creator!

Where is Dreamland

I accidentally found this photograph on the internet. I don't know where it originally comes from. This metal lantern/ candle holder is natural, vintage and classic. I just cannot move my eyes away from it. Imagine that on a snowy winter night, you take this lantern and walk into the endless forest to look for you beloved one. I know it is cheesy, but I mean, it is poetic, isn't it? (Maybe some people will think it is frightening...)

Below I found some lanterns/ candle holders of similar style, but the one above, for me, is no doubt the prettiest. 

1. Lantern for block candle from IKEA
2. Lucy lantern from Zara Home
3. A punched-metal lantern suspended from a tree branch via Lonny
4. Fake filigree and papel picado candle holders via TikkiDo
5. Black damask metal lanterns from ADORN Event Hire

Buy some or make some yourselves to decorate your homes!


Peaceful Hvar

silk blouse Jil Sander/ white short pants private/ sandals 3.1 Phillip Lim/ sunglasses Cutler and Gross/ brown mini leather bucket bag Saddlers Union/ fresh water pearl earrings private

1. Peaceful port of Hvar, Croatia
2. Wandering in the town
3. As above
4. Port at the sunset
5. Glorious sky at the sunset

Just look at the sea and the sky. They are so beautiful that I could not believe my eyes when I saw them. This is what we call the nature created by God.


Silk Scarf as Top

Le Robinson Chic silk scarf as top Hermes/ white short pants private/ military green Vara pumps Salvatore Ferragamo/ handmade Earrings bought in a small art shop in Croatia

1. Walking in Civita di Bagnoregio
2. I was taking photos of the beautifully decorated small bar in the town
3. Tranquil small town
4. Enjoying the great view
5. Walking in Civita di Bagnoregio
6. Beautiful small restaurant 

The pictures come from Char and I's trip to Civita di Bagnoregio, a small isolated town near Rome. The pictures are not great, I was tired then and I did not pay much attention on what I was wearing and it was so hot that I almost fainted... They just show the most common and easiest way to wear a square silk scarf and I wear it often during the summer.


Silk silk silk!

white silk blouse with mao collar Massimo Dutti/ beige polka dots silk skirt private and belt private/ black patent leather mary jane pumps Miu Miu/ silk twilly as hairband Hermes/ brown mini leather bucket bag Saddlers Union/ fresh water pearl earrings private

1. Sunset at Vis, Croatia
2. Walking in Vis at a sunny afternoon
3. As above
4. Sign for the local restaurant
5. Walking in Vis at a sunny afternoon
6. As above
7. As above
8. As above
9. On the gasboat back towards our yacht
10. The local sweet liquor 

Vis is the most beautiful island I have visited during our trip this summer. It's small, tranquil and artistic. People there were so friendly and artistic that I felt very much at ease when walking on the little paths of the island or even peeking through the fences of the local residence (ok I am not a freak but you should know that Croatian people are so talented in decorating there houses!). 

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned how much I love natural materials and silk products. Here you can see. This is one of my favorite outfits because it is simple, comfortable, retrospective and chic. I used Hermes silk twilly as a hair band and it was just simply perfect. The black leather mary jane pumps are so comfortable that I wear it almost everyday and they are so classic that they go with everything. The brown bucket bag is the one that Char bought for me in Montenegro, but it actually is a Roman brand. We fell in love with it at the first sight and it turned out later that it is really worth the price. No to mention the silk blouse and skirt, they provided me the greatest comfort! Love Vis and love that sweet memory : )


The Best of Riding Boots

I personally am very fond of equestrian style, so a pair of very chic riding boots is a must for late fall and winter days. Below are some of my personally preferences in this season. A woman can never have too many shoes!

1. Ebony Suede Harness Riding Boots Prada

2. Daniela High Heeled Riding Boot Tory Burch
3. Dorado Riding Woven Frye
4. Stivale in morbida pelle Salvatore Ferragamo
5. GG-Stitched Leather Riding Boot Gucci 

Happy thanksgiving!

Another Sunny Day towards Liberan

1. Reading Kindles on the yacht, best for travel!
2. Great wind...
3. As above.

The photos were taken when we were on the way to Liberan, Croatia. I was wear a swimming suit inside, and this gorgeous kaftan protected me from sunburn without making me feel so warm under the sun. Great design!


Where time has stood still

I accidentally found the website of this lovely boutique hotel Wreta Gestgifveri (in Sweden) and I immediately fell in love with this place. Spending a weekend there would be the best rest and leisure for us. Hope I can have to chance to go there next year. 

Feeling warm!

top Missoni/ shorts private/ shoes Tod's/ earrings private/ sunglasses Cutler and Gross/ hat Goorin Bros.

1. Strikingly beautiful view of the mountains in Montenegro
2. At Kotor, Montenegro
3. Climbing the hill
4. View of Kotor
5. Almost there to the top of the hill!
6. A glance of the town before the sunset

I really do not like any kinds of sportive shoes. This pair of orange Tod's was actually supposed to be used on the yacht. Since we did not really wear any shoes on the yacht, I wore them when I really had to walk on tough road. It is a lovely pair, with Tod's signature orange and it kinda corresponds to the orange lines on my top. I also LOVE the red straw hat and my lovely lovely red camera which also help to complete the look. 

It's almost winter now, even though Rome is still warm. Hope these images from the summer can bring some sense of warmth to the cold winter days!