Delicious Wall Paper Colors

white sweater Massimo Dutti/ pink leather dress Bruno Magli/ leather pumps Valentino

1. Enjoying breakfast in our room
2. Had not yet quite awake...
3. As above
4. Standing by the window

It is really interesting to see how my outfit matches with the wall paper colors. These two colors remind me of the Ladurée signature colors which are extremely temptatious...


More About Crosby Street Hotel

This is the room that we stayed in and also some of its details...

navy wool felt hat private/ white sweater Massimo Dutti/ grey wool short pants Karen Millen/ black leather lace-up Jil Sander/ black cashmere coat Max Mara/ black tights Calzedonia

1. In the guest room of Crosby Street Hotel
2. As above
3. One corner of the room 
4. Lovely drawer
5. Total view of the room
6. Some detail on the cup mat- the symbol of Crosby Street Hotel
7. Lovely shell buttons on the coat hanger


Manhattan Will Never Disappoint You

As I said in my last post, Char and I went back to the US to deal with some issues and before we went back to Boston, we stayed in Manhattan for one night, and there, I encountered a hotel with the best inner design I have ever met......

Even though I have been to Manhattan for many times and even though I have been to many splendid hotels around the world, this one, Crosby Street Hotel is so far the most joyful one for me. Honestly speaking, I am not a fan for modern interior deco style at all- I always find them too avant-garde to be appreciated. However, this hotel, undoubtedly modern, is the perfect combination of the urban look and the classical interior design. 

I love how those French sashes are cropped into small squares by black metal mullion units; I love how they decorate the lobby with striking artworks and lovely family-style ornaments; I love how they  audaciously match bright colors and patterns in public areas and guest rooms; I love how they make each guest rooms with different colors yet similar designs- I love the total idea of its designers and am really surprised by their creativity and artistic sense. What's more, this hotel, located on a quiet cobbled in the heart of SoHo neighborhood, fits so well into the surrounding environment that you cannot think of a better place to settle it! 

Every time I went to Manhattan, it always had something to amaze me and to surprise me and reminded of the first time that I went to New York City. I love this cosmopolitan place and I will continuously come back here in the future to always be amazed. 

I will upload more pictures of the room that we stayed in soon : )


A Masculine Touch

Finally back after a week long torture (final exams!!!!) and here are some little updates : )

grey wool blazer private/ white silk blouse with mao collar Massimo Dutti/ jeans Karen Millen/ fresh water pearl earrings private/ booties Drudd/ sunglasses Valentino

1. Seaside on our way to Naples.
2. As above
3. As above
4. As above
5. As above

I really love masculine clothes, it makes me so comfortable and confident. Sometime we just need a little masculine touch to make ourselves absolutely stylish!

Heading to New York City tomorrow and going to have some more busy days :)


Small Trip to Pompeii

beige cashmere sweater vintage Saks Fifth Avenue/ black sasia trousers Sportmax/ black belt Salvatore Ferragamo/ necklace private/ booties Drudd/ sunglasses Valentino/ purple mini bag Salvatore Ferragamo

1. In the amphitheater of Pompeii
2. A glance over the wall
3. Reading travel guide
4. In the central ground
5. Amazing trees in Pompeii!

I went to Naples twice and finally Char and I got to see the famous Pompeii. It is incredible, of course, but it became too touristic that I didn't find it really comfortable to wander around there. However, one thing really made my day, we ran into the couple with their daughter that we met in Vis, Croatia! Such a small world! They were of course very excited too, so this time, Char and I gave our email addressed to the family and we took a photo together. They never contacted us after, because as they explained, if we start to keep in contact, we would never meet each other again. I don't know why but somehow I buy it, so maybe Char and I will meet this family for the third time in the near future, somewhere in this planet : )


Vienna Memories

camel hair polo coat Brooks Brothers/ grey wool blazer Theory/ grey wool short pants Karen Millen/ beige cashmere sweater vintage Saks Fifth Avenue/ grey cotton tights American Eagle/ black leather lace-up Jil Sander Navy/ necklace private

1. Outside Hofburg Imperial Palace
2. Christmas Market outside Schönbrunn Palace
3. Outside Hofburg Imperial Palace
4. Inside Kunsthistorisches Museum, gorgeous!!! The most beautiful museum in the world!
5. As above.
6. As above.

More about my trip last winter to Vienna. So sad that I don't understand German, it's really a great city to live in. I love its food, its buildings, its people, its shops, its atmosphere, its everything!


Delicious Shoes

1. Pumps from Bottega Veneta
2. As above
3. Picture via Branco Prata

Shoes can be delicious as cupcakes girls! Check these beautiful shoes out! 


Winter is Here!

cardigan Vince/ floral shirt Agnes.b/ jeans Levi's/ black leather boots private

1. With my friend in the most famous café in Vienna- Café Central!

Winter really came to Rome. It is freezingly cold here (I know it's even colder in many more places but, I mean I really hate coldness!) and it just reminded me of my wonderful days in Vienna last winter. Vienna is my favorite city in this planet! I really want to live there! Unfortunately, I have not yet learnt German, but surely I will in the future, because I just love this city so much....


A Sweet Langour

If you have read my post Sweet Summer Days in Montenegro, you will probably remember that I mentioned a special luxury resort in Sveti Stefan. This is it. The qualities of the pictures are not that high but my experiences there really made me want to write a post for it. Aman Sveti Stefan obviously do not good at decorating their website, but they do know how to make one of the most comfortable resorts in this world. If you are going to Montenegro, don't miss it. It's worth it to even go to the public beach at Aman (the beach at left side of the picture above, and it's for free!) and enjoy a sunny afternoon!


Eternal Dress

These are some other photos that were taken in Dubrovnik.

dress private/ red straw hat Goorin Bros./ sandals 3.1 Phillip Lim/ fresh water pearl earrings private

1. Peeking through the hole of the old city castle
2. Beautifully view of Dubrovnik
3. At one of the terraces on the castle
4. Walking through the castle
5. Neighborhoods 
6. Kitesurfing!!! Woohoo!!
7. The marble pavement shines under the sun. So beautiful!

Can you imagine that, the red floral dress that I am wearing was bought nearly ten years ago? I have been wearing this dress since I was in the secondary school and I am now still wearing it! I love the "wallpaper flower" dress so much that I have a lot of them among which quite a lot were designed by my mom! She is such a creator!