Manhattan Will Never Disappoint You

As I said in my last post, Char and I went back to the US to deal with some issues and before we went back to Boston, we stayed in Manhattan for one night, and there, I encountered a hotel with the best inner design I have ever met......

Even though I have been to Manhattan for many times and even though I have been to many splendid hotels around the world, this one, Crosby Street Hotel is so far the most joyful one for me. Honestly speaking, I am not a fan for modern interior deco style at all- I always find them too avant-garde to be appreciated. However, this hotel, undoubtedly modern, is the perfect combination of the urban look and the classical interior design. 

I love how those French sashes are cropped into small squares by black metal mullion units; I love how they decorate the lobby with striking artworks and lovely family-style ornaments; I love how they  audaciously match bright colors and patterns in public areas and guest rooms; I love how they make each guest rooms with different colors yet similar designs- I love the total idea of its designers and am really surprised by their creativity and artistic sense. What's more, this hotel, located on a quiet cobbled in the heart of SoHo neighborhood, fits so well into the surrounding environment that you cannot think of a better place to settle it! 

Every time I went to Manhattan, it always had something to amaze me and to surprise me and reminded of the first time that I went to New York City. I love this cosmopolitan place and I will continuously come back here in the future to always be amazed. 

I will upload more pictures of the room that we stayed in soon : )

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