A Tranquil Retreat Adjacent to the Heart of China

In the last post, I mentioned that last summer Char and I went to Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing for a weekend. Even though I am a native, I still found this resort unexpectedly inspiring and of course, relaxing and understatedly luxurious as always. The major clients are westerners, as I saw them everywhere- reading newspaper beside the lake, having afternoon tea in the pavilion, learning Chinese characters in the public reading room, etc. Though it is impossible to get a deep understanding to traditional Chinese culture in a few days staying in this resort, the experience is still worthwhile, as Aman at Summer Palace presents our culture pretty precisely. 

1. One of the pavilions in Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing 
2. The lobby
3. Arrival pavilion
4. The grill 
5. Afternoon tea at the reflection pavilion
6. Deluxe suite dining area
7. Deluxe suite bathroom
8. Imperial suite bedroom
9. Lobby reception
10. I was having the Chinese afternoon tea : )


Summer Chill

royalblue silk dress private/ purple mini leather bag Salvatore Ferragamo/ Earrings private

1. At a photography exhibition in Beijing
2. As above
3. At Aman Resort at Summer Palace, Beijing
4. A profile

The photos were taken half year ago in Beijing, when it was really really burning hot there. This magical dress provided me the ultimate peace and chill inside and out and Aman Resort at Summer Palace was the best resort I had ever been to. It is truly a Xanadu- so quiet and delicate that it completely calmed me down in the hot summer days. 


Royalblue Charm

royalblue silk dress private/ sunglasses Valentino/ fresh water pearl earrings private

1. On a big yacht in Sanya, Hainan
2. As above
3. As above
4. As above

I love all kinds of blue and royalblue is no doubt my all time favorite. The color is so bright and the material (silk with shell buttons) makes it the dress even more elegant and exceptional. 

There're many designed details in this dress, such as the curve at the cuff, the three dimensional chest line, the V shape collar at the back (not shown in the pictures above, I will upload some more pics later to show) and the curvy uneven hemline. 


Once Upon a Time When We Dream of Going to Morocco...

silk midi shirt dress Yigal Azrouel/ black patent mary jane Miu Miu/ fresh water pearl earrings private

1. In our villa in Banya Tree Sanya Hotel
2. As above 
3. As above

Char said I should wear this dress when we go to Morocco... lol


Fly Like a Butterfly

kaftan Roberto Cavalli/ sunglasses Valentino/ swimming suit (inside) La Perla/ fresh water pearl earrings private

1. A cloudy afternoon by the sea in Banya Tree Sanya Hotel
2. As above
3. On the beach
4. Evening glow

The winter of my hometown is so unbearable as always, so Char and I and our families went to Sanya, the warmest part in China during winter times. Banya Tree Sanya Hotel was actually disappointing by the warm weather was gratifying enough. The kaftan that Char bought me is not so practical; but as always, impractical clothes are the most beautiful ones- they are practical in terms of aesthetics!


Everyone Needs a Classical Camel Coat

camel hair polo coat Brooks Brothers/ white jeans Elie Tahari/ black silk blouse Theory/ square silk scarf private/ brown leather belt private/ beige leather pumps private/ sunglasses ChloƩ/ black leather handbag private/ navy wool felt hat private/ fresh water pearl private

1. Walking on the street in Boston
2. Newbury street, shopping day!
3. As above
4. As above
5. As above
6. As above
7. In a Japanese restaurant, waiting for the meal.

These are the photos taken over one year ago in Boston, and if you remember my post Vienna Memories, I was wearing the same camel hair coat which stays in my closet and became one of my all time favorite...