A Tranquil Retreat Adjacent to the Heart of China

In the last post, I mentioned that last summer Char and I went to Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing for a weekend. Even though I am a native, I still found this resort unexpectedly inspiring and of course, relaxing and understatedly luxurious as always. The major clients are westerners, as I saw them everywhere- reading newspaper beside the lake, having afternoon tea in the pavilion, learning Chinese characters in the public reading room, etc. Though it is impossible to get a deep understanding to traditional Chinese culture in a few days staying in this resort, the experience is still worthwhile, as Aman at Summer Palace presents our culture pretty precisely. 

1. One of the pavilions in Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing 
2. The lobby
3. Arrival pavilion
4. The grill 
5. Afternoon tea at the reflection pavilion
6. Deluxe suite dining area
7. Deluxe suite bathroom
8. Imperial suite bedroom
9. Lobby reception
10. I was having the Chinese afternoon tea : )

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