Navy and White

dress Tory Burch/ sweater Vince/ fresh water pearl earrings private

1. In the room of hotel Number Sixteen, London.
2. As above
3. Having afternoon tea


Dunhuang, Wild Yet Charming

pants, shoes, belt, blouse all private

1. Mingsha Mountain in Dunhuang, Gansu, China
2. As above
3. Outside Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, Gansu, China
4. On the way to Mogao Caves, the rocky waste
5. On Mingsha Mountain
6. Outside Mogao Caves 

My trip to Dunhuang two years ago to me is still a fresh memory. Dunhuang is an extremely dry place with few vegetable to supplement necessary vitamins. However, it is so charming that my friend and I stayed there for quite a few days despite the terrible climate. Mingsha Mountain was not as beautiful as it seems in my photos, however, if you have never been to desert, it is still worth visiting; Mogao Cavess, instead, is a place you can never miss because the frescos were so amazing! However, one can only be allowed to visit at most eight caves during one trip so it was unfortunate that we were not be able to see more. 


Silk Addiction

silver silk dress private/ shoes Salvatore Ferragamo/ sunglasses Valentino/ bag Chanel

1. in Orvieto, Italy
2. as above
3. as above
4. as above
5. as above

This is the same dress as that in my post Summer Chill and Royalblue Charm, but of a different color. Both are gorgeous in reality, but you can see how outstanding the royalblue one is in the photos! I love this dress so much that I bought two in different colors, silver one is more suitable for everyday life and the blue one is better for special events!


Louis Vuitton Women 2013

If you have not yet seen the Louis Vuitton Show Spring Summer 2013, you must see it.

Last weekend when I was in Harrods, I caught sight of these marvelous LV shoes and I fell in love with them immediately! 


Perfect Color Mixing

The hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich, Switzerland has a marvelous restaurant called Pavillon. I love it not because of its food- I didn't mean the food was not good, but it is not the reason I love it. 

Pavillon has a really special spacial shape (as you can see from the first and second picture) with grand windows all around that enables the best illumination. The interior design, especially the color and material mixing of the furnitures, the dishes and the plants are so perfect and unique. The violet and pistachio velvet chairs echo perfectly with the purple glasses and pistachio plate mats (cannot be seen in the pictures, I am sorry that I personally didn't take any pictures of this restaurant because I enjoyed it so much and forgot to take photos...) and the flowers on the table; the texture of velvet perfectly balances the sunlight, adding a just-right sense of luxury.  

I had my breakfast here, on a cold winter morning, watching the snowflakes falling and the crystal beautiful scenery outside... Can life be even better?

PS: I realized that, after an intense daily use of Italian, I began to forget how to speak English... lol 


Being Exotic

These were photos from two years ago, in Xiahe. I don't usually dress like this, but somehow on that particular day, I felt like dressing in a different way. Tourists there thought I was the girl of ethnicminority, the local people were totally puzzled about my identity and the lamas were so much amazed by my skirt- since it really looked like their particular dobok. From that trip I learn a new Tibetan word (even though I didn't know how to write them or type them down) pronounced as chew-lee-ko-lo, meaning "the red clothes worn by lama". 


silk scarf as hair band private/ black blouse T by Alexander Wang/ belt private/ maxi skirt private/ leather shoes private

1. A lama in Xiahe, Gansu
2. Walking in Labrang Monastry
3. Labrang Monastry
4. in Labrang Monastry
5. The ground for lamas to do debating
6. Two lamas. I love their gown. So stylish!