Being Exotic

These were photos from two years ago, in Xiahe. I don't usually dress like this, but somehow on that particular day, I felt like dressing in a different way. Tourists there thought I was the girl of ethnicminority, the local people were totally puzzled about my identity and the lamas were so much amazed by my skirt- since it really looked like their particular dobok. From that trip I learn a new Tibetan word (even though I didn't know how to write them or type them down) pronounced as chew-lee-ko-lo, meaning "the red clothes worn by lama". 


silk scarf as hair band private/ black blouse T by Alexander Wang/ belt private/ maxi skirt private/ leather shoes private

1. A lama in Xiahe, Gansu
2. Walking in Labrang Monastry
3. Labrang Monastry
4. in Labrang Monastry
5. The ground for lamas to do debating
6. Two lamas. I love their gown. So stylish!

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