Peacock Chair

The always romantic, classy peacock chair. Also, check this website out for the lovely contemporary peacock chair- the absolute sense of home. 


Hopelessly Romantic

I am not one of the girly kind and usually things with too many feminine elements do not interest me. However, a simple bow can bring you both loveliness and sense of romance without adding too much femininity. The Carven shoes this year definitely caught this soul. 

I tried the red one but the shoes were really uncomfortable so I bought a flat of this series instead. Something similar to the first one. I'm still waiting for a warmer weather to wear my own pair of Carven bow flats! 


Faro, Olhão and Tavira

Even though now I am living in Italy, and it is really a country with countless speechlessly beautiful places to visit, I still cannot forget the splendid scenery in Algarve, the south of Portugal.

beige short trench coat Paul Smith Black Label/ beige cashmere sweater vintage Saks Fifth Avenue/ jeans Levi's/ black leather boots private/ silk scarf private

1-4. You can never imagine there could be this many sea-gulls in one place...
5. The train station
6. Look at the countless anchors behind me...
7. The gorgeous beach in Tavira.
8. The Arabic style houses and the moon... Just like a dream...
9. The beautiful beautiful sunset.
10. One of my best shots during this trip in Algarve, breathtakingly fantastic. 


Villa d'Este

dress Red Valentino/ pumps Salvatore Ferragamo/ sunglasses Chanel/ earrings private/ leather shoulder bag handmade by a very cute old guy living in Croatia

These pictures were taken during my last trip to Villa d'Este near Rome, last August. The summer is just around the corner and please be excited for that! The northern Italy has been suffering from the constant rain starting from last september, making me so yearn for the sunshine in Rome. 


Long Silk Scarf

We all know that a big square silk scarf can be worn in many ways and I have shown many of them in my post before. However, a long rectangle silk scarf can be worn in many ways too. I once turned this very beautiful aquamarine scarf below as clothes and worn it by the seaside. Unfortunately I did not leave any photos that day and it was not an attire for daily life. The photos below show a very simple way to wear your long silk scarf, in spring and autumn. 

scarves private/ black leather belt J.Crew/ black cotton cardigan private/ jeans Karen Millen

1. Reading menu in a Thai restaurant in Cancun, Mexico.
2. By the seaside of Cancun.
3. Outside RISD Museum in Rhode Island, USA, in 2011. 
4. A very lovely owl beaker made in 16th century Northern Germany, now a collection of RISD Museum. 


The Sublime

Not very long time ago, Char and I went to Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons in Oxford, UK for dinner. The food was divine there, but what interest me most are the stunning gardening and the most beautiful floriculture I have ever seen in my life. The Grand Chef Raymond Blanc grows almost 90 varieties of vegetables and over 70 aromatic herbs, which you are bound to find on your plate, in one way or another.  If you ever get a chance to go to England, please do not miss this place, it is a must to visit!

1. A glance at the beautiful manor house. 
2. Somewhere in the garden.
3. The hotel.
4. The whole view.
5. The restaurant.
6. The event.
7. The aperitif we had before the dinner.
8. The most beautiful floriculture I have every seen! 


Something at the Back

jeans Karen Millen/ waistcoat private (my dad bought it for my mom in Japan 20 years ago)/ shirt private/ sandals private/ leather bag private

1. The christmas festival in Mexico City, Mexico in 2010. 
2. Somewhere in Cancun, Mexico, 2011 Jan.
3. By the beach in Cancun. 
4. Mexico city in 2010.
5. As above.
6. By the beach in Cancun.
7. Mexico city in 2010.
8. As above.
9. As above.

I LOVE this vintage waistcoat that my mom gave me, it looks normal at the front, but the back is just surprising, and the design is classic, it looks fashionable even after 20 years.


Wear Your Scarves

scarves Burberry/ pants private/ sandals private

1-10. In Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico in January, 2011. 

Summer is approaching and it is the perfect time to wear your silk scarves! The pictures were taken in winter, in an extremely hippie area in the south of Mexico.