Small Trip to Pompeii

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1. In the amphitheater of Pompeii
2. A glance over the wall
3. Reading travel guide
4. In the central ground
5. Amazing trees in Pompeii!

I went to Naples twice and finally Char and I got to see the famous Pompeii. It is incredible, of course, but it became too touristic that I didn't find it really comfortable to wander around there. However, one thing really made my day, we ran into the couple with their daughter that we met in Vis, Croatia! Such a small world! They were of course very excited too, so this time, Char and I gave our email addressed to the family and we took a photo together. They never contacted us after, because as they explained, if we start to keep in contact, we would never meet each other again. I don't know why but somehow I buy it, so maybe Char and I will meet this family for the third time in the near future, somewhere in this planet : )

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