Here is the Summer

Earlier this week, Char and I went to Venice for a short vacation. I have been saving this place for so long time, because everybody told me that it is a romantic place that one should go with his beloved. So even though I live quite near Venice, I have never been here before. And we were lucky, great sunshine here in Venice- finally the summer has come.

silk and leather blouse Loro Piana/ cotton pants Loro Piana/ leather flats Carven/ sunglasses Louis Vuitton/ cotton and leather handbag Malo/ watch Dior/ fresh water pearl earrings private

1. At a glass exhibition- in front of a whole coach of colorful glass balloons
2. As above
3. In Venice
4. As above
5. The lovely dog
6. At the grand canal
7. As above
8. Somewhere by the sea. 

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