Simply Chic

hat bought in Harrods/ silk dress Louis Vuitton/ leather bag Dior/ leather pumps Dior/ earrings Chanel/ watch Dior


The Cheongsam

Char and I took a series of photographs during the summer of 2013. In this series, I am wearing a custom-made cheongsam, it is absolutely gorgeous! I love our traditional clothing. 

cheongsam private/ black leather pumps Dior/ earrings private


A Visit to Palais de l'Elysée

dress Red Valentino/ pumps Dior/ handbag Dior/ sweater Ermano Scervino

1. Outside Palais de l'Elysée in Partis, France.
2. The beautiful door handle inside the palace.
3. Waiting for Hollande to give his speech in the salon.
4. In the palace. 
5. Having a rest on the incredibly gorgeous chair! 


A Long Break from Blogger

This has been a while since I last posted. In June I left for China from Italy and as you know, the internet censorship in mainland China creates great difficulty for us to get access to some website including Blogger, I had to pause for a moment. Now I am back in the US so I am able to update a little bit here, so happy!

The picture below is taken in June when I was in Palais de l'Elysee in Paris and yes it is gorgeous! 

More Pictures are Coming SOON! : )


Red and Blue

oxfords Church's/ red trench coat Burberry/ royal blue silk sweater Ralph Lauren/ silk and leather handbag VENETIA STUDIUM/ watch Dior


A Short Vacation in Paris

Char and I just arrived in Paris yesterday evening for a short vacation before we go back to the UK. Seriously speaking, I miss the sunshine in Italy so much, since the weather in Paris is horrible. Nevertheless, I finally had the chance to wear my Loro Piana leather coat, isn't it gorgeous?

reversible leather coat Loro Piana/ cotton trousers Loro Piana/ cotton and silk blouse Carven/ leather pumps MaxMara/ leather bag NAGATANI

1-3. Walking by the Seine
4. In a lovely chocolate shop near Eiffel Tower
5. The road sign near Eiffel


Let's Go Orange

sunglasses Louis Vuitton/ watch Dior/ pure cashmere orange vest and cardigan Malo/ white cotton pants Malo

1. Having lunch in hotel The Gritti Palace in Venice
2-4. On our way to Murano.

I have to say that, even though Gritti Palace is a beautiful hotel with marvelous interior design, its customers are mostly very smug, making this hotel an uncomfortable place to stay- full of rich American tourists in search of so-called romance without even respecting the locals (no offense, there are many lovely and educated American tourists in Venice, but I have to say not in this hotel). If you just want to show off your wealthiness, why come to Venice?